Best Personal Injury Clinic in Dallas, TX

Accident & Injury Chiropractic Pleasant Grove is severing their customer with car accident chiropractic care in Dallas and all the surrounding cities nearby Texas. If your neck hurts and you had a car accident recently, or it may be caused by the position you slept in or some other kind of minor strain. Nevertheless, young women with neck pain after a car accident injury also a big issue.

Our experienced and certified doctors take care of you and prescribe you with the best method they have. Unfortunately, you met with car accident then our automobile injury chiropractic can pick you up. Contact one of our chiropractic personal injury clinic today to get your injuries officially checked and treated. Our clinics have treated thousands of car accident injury victims over the last 24 years, and we’re really good at it.

Accident & Injury has been helping injured Texans for over 25 years. We’ve helped get thousands of people back to healthy and functional status over that time. There’s no money down for treatment at Accident & Injury Chiropractic for qualified claims. We’ll file your claim and wait for payment so you can get the treatment you deserve now.

Ankle Pain From An Auto Accident

Are you suffering ankle pain from a recent, or not so recent car crash? Your amazing ankles are one of the most important load-bearing parts of your body. They bear the weight of your body, and bend to move you around. To do their job correctly, they must be able to withstand the forces of walking and running. They provide power to the foot, and they must also be able to move in several directions, including side to side and rotating motion.

The ankle joint is composed of many parts. This link shows an excellent diagram of both the bone and ligament structures of the ankle.  It is an interactive site which allows you to see all the bones, ligaments and tendons of the ankle if you would like to.

In a car wreck, the natural reaction of a driver or passenger is to brace themselves with one or both feet. This can force the foot and ankle in a direction it does not normally move. When this happens, many different types of  painful ankle injuries can and do occur. It can even cause a compression injury similar in force what you would receive after jumping or falling on a hard surface.

Shoulder Pain

You’ve been in a car accident and you are experiencing shoulder pain or discomfort.  Is it serious? Are you wondering if you seek medical attention? Ask yourself these questions.

Does your shoulder pain get worse at night, disturbing your sleep? You may be tired during the day without realizing why. Is there tingling, numbness, swelling or weakness in or around your shoulder? The pins and needles feeling may radiate up and down your arm with certain motions.

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